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Director BENNETT STEIN just completed principle photography and is in post on his feature directorial debut, a political suspense thriller/post modern spy flick entitled DIVIDED WE STAND (aka THE GRYPHON). It stars Jeremy London (MALLRATS, GODS & GENERALS). Anne Bedian (LOST, CSI VEGAS), Aki Avni (24, THE UNIT), Amy Grabow (MONK), James Harper (THE INSIDER, ARMAGEDDON), Angelo Custino (6 FT UNDER), Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy (TEARS OF THE SUN, GODS & MONSTERS).

Bennett's short film, MOTEL JERUSALEM (Sam Ball, Liza Weil, Academy Award winner Chris Tashima) has played film fests internationally from Cannes in 2006 to DancesWithFilms in LA. His short film, NUDE DESCENDING A STAIRCASE played festivals in NY, Canada, and LA in 2006-07. His anti-smoking PSA, IT�S STILL COOL, has played various festivals including Cannes in 2005.

Bennett Stein recently completed a 3-month �shadow� stint of exec. producer/lead director Chris Long on FX Channel episodic DIRT starring Courteney Cox, Ian Hart, Lukas Haas and Jennifer Aniston, where he�s being groomed for a Season 2 directing slot. Bennett directed the world premier in Los Angeles of the critically acclaimed stage play, THE DOG INSIDE THE MAN, penned by DIRT creator Matthew Carnahan.

Throughout the �90s Bennett cut his eyeteeth on the off-Broadway-off-Hollywood theatre scene, first as stage (and film) actor, then as theatre director, all the while assisting directors Matt Mahurin, Tamra Davis, Phil Joanou, Mary Lambert, Kevin Spacey, Spike Jonze, and/or exec. prod. Sharon Oreck, and composer-turned-presidential-candidate, Frank Zappa.

Prior to that in New York Bennett was personal assistant/apprentice to Oscar-winner, William Hurt, for 4 years. Before that for about a decade, Bennett�s dad edited and published four novels by film director, Elia Kazan, with whom the prepubescent Bennett routinely engaged in discussions on the directorial arts and specific approachess used in working with his discoveries Brando, Dean, Beatty, Palance, Remick, and colleagues Clift, Tandy, Wood, De Niro, Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams, etc.

Bennett is also in prep to direct a trio of music vids for high concept sci-fi space-punk band, THE JRODS. He is also in development to screenwrite/direct KIND OF BLUE, a racially torn drama on the 18-month-long (1958-59) battle Miles Davis waged to make the most critically acclaimed, biggest selling jazz record of all time.

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In addition to directing - screenwriting.



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