Wayne Chang

Artist Profile

Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Asian
Eye: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 160 lbs

Languages Spoken

Chinese- Mandarin

Affiliations & Certifications


Personal Description

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Taiwan, moved to S. California at age 10, and now currently in my 7th year in New York.

I never realized that I have a passion for Acting until I was in College, but never had the guts to really went for it until I was way out of College. I know people said that "It's never too late to start" - but the truth is, I have missed out on a lot of opportunities that I could have done when I was younger.
I have been acting since I came to New York, but didn't really learn about the Business of Acting until mid 2008. Now, I'm just playing the catch-up game, and hopefully, I will be able to land myself a legit role in Primetime TV (and major feature films).

You must be wondering, how come I"m on "INDIEFLAVOR" - well, I have done more Indie Films than the total number my fingers and thumbs!!! What does that mean?!

It means. I *HEART* Indie Films. And Always will.


I'm also a closeted Casting Assistant & Second AD. I will switch to Production Mode if needed.

Special Skills

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese Accent, Stage Combat & Martial Arts (Tae kwan Do and Karate), Yoga, Roller Skating/Blading, Tarot Card Reading, Violin, Hip Hop, and Singing (Baritone).