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"Ramzi Abed (born March 5, 1973) is the founder of "Bloodshot Pictures" and also the founding member of the electronic group, Elektracity.

Mr. Abed creates films that focus on dying and transcending the physical world. Each of his films often features characters when they are sleeping. His more recent work also focuses on spiritual and magical thinking, frequently paying homage to ancient texts related to Judaism, especially the Kabbalah. His films are frequently experimental in nature, creating such grainy, abstract films as the obscure feature-length piece, entitled "Clay Fields", which has been compared to the works of David Lynch and Bill Viola. He also joined up with Lloyd Kaufman (of The Toxic Avenger and Troma fame), Mark Borchardt (of American Movie fame), and sexy Masuimi Max ( of Iamtrouble.com legend [1]), who all starred in his award-winning 16mm short film, The Tunnel, which has screened as an Official Selection of 40 international film festivals."

More info:

Ramzi Abed is the writer, director, and producer of the new groundbreaking motion picture, "In A Spiral State", which was produced by Ramzi Abed (that's me), Ken Cravens, and Eric Fleming. The editing and scoring is all by Ken Cravens. The film stars a lot of folks including Juliana Fine, Lizzy Strain, Mae Moreno, Ofri Fuchs, Adam Meir, Bianca Barnett, Jed Rowen, Messy Stench, Ken Cravens, Eric Fleming, Lilah Martin, Casey Wickson, Khris Kaneff, Eric Spudic, Don Purnell, Elissa Dowling and many others... I directed it. The teaser is rough and early, but it's fun. Ofri Fuchs and Adam Meir play Hebrew-speaking angels at the beginning of the movie.
The Blood Stream: "Ramzi Abed" - Info on horror and the macabre with Scream Queen Mel

Ramzi Abed gets interviewed by scream queen, Melissa Bacelar on The Blood Stream exclusively on TheStream.tv

"THE DEVIL'S MUSE" (aka. "Black Dahlia Movie") is a feature film written, directed, and produced by Ramzi Abed, edited by Wes Paster (two time Emmy-nominated editor), musically scored by David J (of BAUHAUS and LOVE AND ROCKETS fame, legend, and lore), with original instrumentals also composed and performed by Ego Plum and Djam Karet. This arthouse cult classic stars Kristen Kerr, Lizzy Strain, Trent Haaga, Sarah Scott, Gidget Gein, Cinque Lee, Mark Borchardt, Dame Darcy, Masuimi Max, Amie Nicole (as Amie Decker), Julie Strain, Robert Williams, Caveh Zahedi, Charles Schneider, Jade Starr, Courtney Cruz, Lilah Martin, Lenora Claire, Bianca Barnett, Jed Rowen, Paul Bunnell, Will Keenan, Douglas Dunning and many others... It also features amazing original songs by Dub Gabriel, Red Martian, My Ruin, The LVRS, Jill Tracy, and many others. This is just a short scene from the film. Masuimi entrances Kristen and Sarah, while the song "pretty" written by David J, is sung by Mr. Uncertain. "The Devil's Muse" was edited by Emmy-nominated Editor ("Extreme Makeover Home Edition"), Wes Paster. More info is at WWW.BLACKDAHLIAMOVIE.COM

Also check out Halo 8 for more info: http://www.halo8.tv

Hollywood murders women.

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"I don't believe in villains, just in people. The good can behave quite villainously. And a villain can be the victim of extenuating circumstances, or he can be a black-hearted fiend who may be touched by a kitten's meow." -Federico Fellini



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