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Jonathan Hall is an award-winning cinematographer
schooled at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography.
Over the years Jonathan has shot projects all over the
world, utilizing every format of professional camera
medium, from 65mm IMAX to 4K DI.

Experienced in independent filmmaking, Jonathan is able to
bring more than simply good photography to a film. Years of
practice and experience in constructing a good attack
strategy, and building a great crew, Jonathan is able
to bring efficiency and extreemly high production value to a
project with a limited budget.


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Job Vacancy
'DP/Lighting for Music Video' with It's Terrific Pictures (in West Hollywood,CA, starts March 29, 2 days (march 29,30)) [view ad]
Applicant: Jonathan Hall
Photo: see attached Fax: ---
Email: Address: 5500 Bonner Ave. 209
Telephone: 323.485.2500 North Hollywood, CA. 91601
Cell Phone: 323.485.2500 91601
Resident in: USA California - South

Cover Letter

Dear Jeff DeCola,
Website at:
IMDB page:

Listed above are the links to both my personal website and my IMDB listing. Professionally, I have shot many Feature Films, Television, Documentaries, Music Video's, Promos, and Commercials of all different sizes and budget ranges.

I am very interested in talking more with you about your music video. I have been trying to involve myself more with them. I also have relations with good HD gear that will help the look and professionalism of your project.

Feel free to take a look at my website and let me know what you think.
I look forward very much to talking more with you soon.

-Jonathan Hall


Jonathan Hall: CINEMATOGRAPHER 323.485.2500


• HD and 4K imaging, are being recognized as a new form of cinematic capture. A majority of my photography lately, has originated on motion picture film, with intent for a digital finish (4k/2k scan). Due to this, I have spent a great amount of time shooting and understanding both high definition (HD) and its relation to the finishing product. I have shot 4 entirely different feature films, utilizing different forms of HD. More often then most, the ideal situation for an HD movie is to emulate a Film Look . This is more than simply throwing grain on the image. I understand electronic optics and matrix levels to the extent that I can make HD intercut with 35mm negative perfectly. Manipulating HD to look like film is not hard to do.

• I have extensive knowledge in action photograph y. I have shot everything: (Chase scenes, car accidents, fires, high-falls, explosions, weapons ect.) I have shot form nearly every moving vessel on the plant: (Boats, high-speed camera cars, helicopters, airplanes, blimps, aircraft carriers ect.) Shooting in these situations require extreme understanding of the mixture of art and physics- I am able to do those equations, and make them look good, all at the same time.



Demo Reel: June 05

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